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The Pursuit of Auto Glass Artistry

With over 21 years dedicated to nothing but the Auto Glass industry I have a passion for perfection. This

passion for perfection parlays in to a work ethic and strive for a quality that can not be matched. I've witnessed

personally some of the work that is done out there and I question how it's acceptable, and how a customer could

allow it as a finished product. We all understand time is precious, we all also understand time is money. Therefore we ensure the job is done right the first time every time.


When founding my own company and brand in this industry it is a point that I have always lived by in my performance and product that now becomes the essential base of my brand and installations, and that is to be Elite. I've thought about many names I could use for my brand and I kept coming back to one word, Elite. If you look up the definition of Elite from Oxford Languages this is what you will find: 


e·lite /əˈlēt,āˈlēt/ noun

  1. a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities

This not only defines the word Elite, but also defines Elite Auto Glass LLC.

As consumers you should have a right to know who you are receiving a service from, by choosing Elite you know the Elite Experience is there over 21 years. A lot of people are worried when needing a new windshield on their brand new car that by breaking the seal it will never be the same. Maybe you're right? It will not be a factory installation done by a machine. Elite installs however are performed as closely as you can possibly get to a factory OEM installation performed by a human. Elite wants to show Long Island what an Elite installation is. These rules apply to all vehicles, super cars, hot rods, inherited Mom and Dads classic, your first car ever whether it's an old hand me down or brand new. Not only with choosing us and knowing you're going to receive the best Auto Glass installation or repair, you can be assured it will be a safe installation. You'll have peace of mind knowing that the glass will be installed to OEM specs and retain the safety value that should NEVER be compromised by a company that wants to just take your money from you just to get the job done and get paid.

From myself and us at Elite, and to all that we work with, this is Auto Glass Artistry to us, and that's where we separate ourselves from the rest!

Welcome to Elite Auto Glass LLC, welcome to Auto Glass Artistry.


Paul L.

Founder & Installer

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